Who is…Peter Davidson? And what makes him tick?

Well for many you may know Peter from a previous incarnation elsewhere in the large format printing world. But more recently he has been at InkTec Europe – in fact he has been the Head of Consumable Sales for UK and Europe for over 3 ½ years. During this time his role has involved product development, while offering technical support for ink and media products.

So before we dive into finding out more about Peter and what makes him tick, we asked him a couple of questions about his time in print.

What has been the highlight of your career in large format printing?

Obviously when you have been involved in the industry for a serious amount of time, like I have then there are many. But probably the most significant probably has to be the first too! Looking back I had never even heard or appreciated large format print and that was until I joined Encad Inc in 1998. This was the moment that I started working with large format inkjet products for the very 1st time. And here I am…still here…many years later!

What are the most significant changes you have seen in your career in the sector?

Realistically technology has had such a significant impact on everything. This in turn has led to ever improving performance and reliability of the products. As a result products are far more consistent, easier to use, plus there is probably more variety and intricacies than we have ever had.

Let’s move onto more about you personally, what motivates you and what you enjoy.

What did you think you would be when you were younger?

Less difficult(enough said really!)

What is your favourite trip out (when you can)…?

Funny as it may sound; it is probably watching grass roots rugby in the pouring rain. (As an aside, everyone in InkTec thought it was more likely to be trips to B&Q for his never-ending DIY projects!!!)

Beer or wine?

Both – beer for starters and wine to finish.

If you had an extra hour in the day (i.e. 25 hours instead of 24) how would you spend it?

Without a doubt – with my family.

There we have it a little insight into one of the team. Maybe you would like to reach out to Peter and talk about rugby, beer and DIY or if you have a technical question on inks or consumables then he is the person in the know in InkTec Europe.