Aqueous Media

The perfect media choice for backlit displays, windows, banners, wall graphics and indoor & outdoor displays.

Wide range of water based media, available in a variety of sizes which produce excellent image quality, quick drying and universal compatibility at a competitive price. 

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Aqueous glossy coated polypropylene banner film

Aqueous glossy coated polypropylene banner film. It is a light weight PP block out synthetic paper with grey back and matte surface.

Polypropylene Based Films

Polypropylene films which work perfectly with aqueous, pigment, latex and UV inks, making it possible to print on a variety of wide format plotters.

Sublimation Transfer Paper

Resin coated sublimation transfer paper for aqueous dye sublimation inks. It has a high transfer rate, excellent stability and performance.

PET Clear Films

High density polyester clear films designed to produce in depth resolution images ideally suited for screen printing and window graphic applications.

PET Backlit Film

This universal aqueous matte coated polyester backlit display film is perfect for use in light box applications.
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Choosing an aqueous based media to last the long term

The science of media means that most aqueous based media can boast both water and tear resistant qualities. These attributes lend themselves to applications where this type of media can be utilised both indoors and outdoors.

They also offer great dimensional stability which along with their exceptionally quick drying times, means they are ideal for mass production. This is another reason why they are often found in retail environments, events and exhibitions around the country.

Depending on the effect you want, the media type can also be produced in a high-gloss or matt surface finish, with some such as polypropylene based films being available with white or grey back. These aqueous medias are often popular among customers who produce graphic and display works such as roll-up and pull-up banners for their business and advertising needs.

An extensive collection of aqueous media for interior and exterior applications

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