Shining a light on sustainability at FESPA 2024

Steeltrak from Keencut

InkTec to shine a light on sustainability through the printing workflow at FESPA 2024

Sustainability through the large format printing workflow will be a key theme for InkTec’s appearance at FESPA this year. However, they will not be showing this alone. They are partnering with Brett Martin and their environmental media range, and also Keencut with their renowned SteelTrak. There will be a series of live demonstrations throughout the event showing how addressing each step of the printing workflow process can offer significant environmental and cost saving benefits.

InkTec is a world-renowned manufacturer of inkjet inks, printers, and printing solutions for a range of industries, including textiles, signage, and graphics. The company has long been committed to innovation, sustainability and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in printing technology. The live demonstrations on InkTec’s stand (C72 in Hall 1) will take visitors through each stage of the workflow process. Brett Martin will be supplying their Foamalux Light Bio, Marcryl Eco and Marpet gFS, which is their environmentally friendly flat sheets including acrylic containing at least 50% regrind raw material. The media will be printed on the JETRIX LXa5, using InkTec LX-LED ink. This will then be cut using the Keencut SteekTrak which slashes production time, elevates quality, and reduces waste.

“As manufacturer of the JETRIX LED UV printer series, we are ideally positioned to share insights on how sustainability through the print workflow can be achieved. The LXa5, with its LED UV technology, offers eco-friendly printing with no warm-up time, reduced energy consumption and extended lamp life of up to 20,000 hours. It also features the latest JETRIX GUI, where nesting and mapping capacity is taken to a new level to maximise printing space, minimise media wastage, while simplifying, optimising, and automating as many steps as possible.”

Joey Kim, Managing Director of InkTec Europe

“Brett Martin has been working in partnership with InkTec for well over 10 years now and this year’s event at FESPA is an ideal opportunity to showcase our extensive range of sustainable media. With many businesses now focused on reducing their environmental footprint, Brett Martin can help with the choice of media within the overall workflow to address that need.”

Adam Louden, Brand Manager at Brett Martin

“Working with Brett Martin and InkTec at FESPA is an incredible opportunity to showcase the critical benefits of what the Keencut SteelTrak can deliver. It cuts without dust, can be positioned at the heart of the printing process to maximise efficiency, and there are no risks of particles damaging printer heads or sticking to vinyl. The precision cutting technology not only saves money but also promotes sustainability by minimising waste.”

Juliet Vandenbrand, Export Sales at Keencut

Visitors to InkTec in Hall 1 Stand C72 can experience live throughout FESPA demonstrations on how sustainability through the complete printing workflow can work. This will be from the use of Brett Martin media, to the JETRIX LXa5 printer, and finally with the cutting process using the Keencut SteelTrak.

InkTec Launch LXa5 at FESPA

FESPA – the global print expo – will see the European launch of the JETRIX LXa5 LED UV Flatbed Printer.

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