jetrix printers for large format printing applications

JETRIX LED-UV printers

JETRIX LED-UV printers are ideal for large format indoor, outdoor and industrial applications. These intelligent, robust roll-to-roll and flatbed printers with superior ink technology ensure perfect results every time.

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JETRIX LXi8 LED UV Flatbed Printer from InkTec

LED-UV flatbed printers

A variety of LED-UV flatbed printers which deliver unrivalled flexibility and precision, with a spectrum of different sizes to suit the large format printing world.

Roll to roll printers

Jetrix large format roll to roll printers for solvent printers moving into UV and ideal for production of PVC, flex, fabric and backlit banners for indoor and outdoor signage.
LXiR320 with media - large format roll to roll printer from JETRIX
large format printing demo
inktec and jetrix large format printers
jetrix printer for indoor and outdoor large format printing

Fast economical and intelligent JETRIX printers

The diverse nature of printing for different applications and materials has provided an industry-wide need for reliable, fast and intelligent large format print solutions which are economical to run.

The appeal of our super-fast and versatile large format flatbed and roll to roll printers stretches across the entire printing world. Our full range of printers provide the printing industry with the most innovative large format printing solutions on all types of material from banners, foils to glass, wood, plexi or PVC.

The rise of LED-UV for large format printing

The rise of LED-UV printers is increasing and it’s all about choosing the right approach for the application. So now, with the extensive range of sizes and options of JETRIX printers you can choose the right large format printer for your business.

LED-UV offers a multitude of benefits; firstly, the ability to print on to heat sensitive substrates and secondly, less electricity consumption which is making them an increasingly appealing option. The former is adding a new dynamic to printing in terms of what can be produced. Consequently, InkTec are finding that there is increasing interest to be able to print on more unusual media and to add interest with texture style printing. This is where the lack of heat means that layer upon layer can be applied to create a 2D effect. Combined with longer lamp lifetimes and the obvious environmentally friendly implications, alongside the much-appreciated reduced running costs, more printers are turning to LED-UV as their preferred large format printing option.

We have introduced a formidable range of Flatbed and Roll to Roll LED-UV printers to add to the original JETRIX LXi8 launched in 2016. The cost of these machines is economical in the market, particularly when you explore the overall running cost savings, including the lamps, which means the lifetime cost makes them an appealing choice.

Investing in large format printing innovation

Overall InkTec’s Research and Development centre in South Korea is continuing to invest 5% of our annual turnover exploring products for future development. So aside from the developments in the LED-UV JETRIX printer series, we are also currently developing single pass metal sheet printers and inkjet label printers which are likely to come to the market within the next 3 years.

Our colleagues in South Korea are also working on some really exciting ink innovations. This includes a well-established production line of printed electronics, including Silver Nano ink, printed memory boards, flexible PCB, reflective film and EMI Shielding Film. The scope of which is significant as technology advances and the speed to market for new electronic products accelerates. We are also involved in developing many different types of ink for inkjet applications including for industrial scenarios, such as ink for metal sheet printing.

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