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With ink prices rising, it could be time to explore options and consider a bulk ink filling system.

This cost-effective approach for large format printers could save up to 65% on ink costs.

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Bulk Filling System

Featuring a wide range of Bulk Ink Filling Systems, InkTec provide a practical alternative to cartridges which are compatible with many of the leading brands including Mimaki, Mutoh, Epson and Roland printers.
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Save on ink costs for large format printers with bulk filling systems

Now more than ever is leading many in the printing industry to question their costs. With inks being a significant overhead, while equally businesses are being squeezed by customers demanding more competitiveness; reviewing how incremental cost savings can be achieved has become imperative for many Print Service Providers.

This dynamic has led to InkTec establishing a bulk filling system, which enables inks to be purchased in volume with a view to saving money on buying in bulk, Featuring either an open floater cartridge, where ink goes directly to the printhead, or a closed cartridge system which will ensure pressure and print quality are maintained through-out the job, these practical alternatives to cartridges, gives customers the permanent opportunity to move away from disposable cartridges. In addition, the bulk ink delivery also reduces waste deposited into landfill.

The ink pouch closed type technique means it is suitable for printers where the ink goes to the print head via a sub tank (bag) from the cartridge and for printers with vertical positioned cartridges. The ink pouch also has a sensor, so if the ink levels do reduce, the printer will stop, allowing it to be re-filled or for the ink pouch to be changed. In combination with InkTec inks, the bulk filling system ensures consistently superb colour performance and excellent black and white appearance; offering the equivalent longevity and stability to any OEM brand inks.

Use of the system with InkTec’s Eco Solvent ink range, adds to the economic advantages. Carefully developed using stringent quality controls and technologies, the ink formulas are also as environmentally friendly, as is realistic. Featuring excellent UV, chemical & scratch resistance, alongside vibrant colours, very low odour and competitive prices, these inks are also proven to not have any harmful chemicals and VOC’s.

With initial installation of the bulk filling system by trained engineers, supported by dedicated after sales and technical support, these bulk filling systems provide a viable alternative to traditional disposable cartridges.

Move with the times with a bulk filling system

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