A range of specially created high quality jetrix inks for exclusive use in our portfolio of JETRIX printers.


A range of specially created high quality JETRIX inks for exclusive use in our portfolio of JETRIX LED UV printers.


The assured quality of these specially formulated JETRIX inks, results in accurate ink dispersion for every job.


Premium quality inks with unique ink dispersing ability, which ensure print heads remain in peak performance.

Highest Quality

Our continued research, innovation and development ensures all our JETRIX inks are of the very highest quality.
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JETRIX Inks - perfectly made for our printers

A range of specially created high quality inks for exclusive use in our portfolio of JETRIX printers. Researched and developed in-house by our South Korean innovation teams who spend significant time playing careful and close attention to printer head structures and ink dispersing mechanisms.

This involves making sure any variables that can directly affect ink flow, causing clogging or corroding while also decreasing ink jettability are completely removed.

This element of the ink is not explored in isolation. As additionally, they are also focused on creating the ultimate ink to mitigate any media variations too. And so stringent testing processes determine printout quality, image sharpness, penetration rates, dry speed, bleed and water resistance. Every manufactured ink batch goes through tight checks at multiple stages and are objectively monitored for quality control. This information is used for our COI (Certification of Inspection).

GreenGuard certification is an internationally recognised environmental accreditation. It measures the VOC levels in products and through analysis determines whether they are safe to use in sensitive environments. There are two levels of certification with InkTec has achieved the prestigious gold accreditation for its range of JETRIX inks.

The result – ultimate reassurance and consistency in JETRIX inks!

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