Affordable, premium DTF ink that delivers

The best DTF inks for everyday DTF printing to drive business and open opportunities. Superior printing quality and vivid colour performance, even when used with delicate graphics.

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UV DTF Inks for Printers with Epson Printheads

Flexible type UV inks specially developed for Epson head roll-to-roll, hybrid and DTF printers. Offering bright and vibrant colour with excellent glossy finish and excellent pliable media adhesion.

DTF Hot-Melt Powder

DTF Hot-Melt Powder available in both black and white to work with our DTF inks and media.

Direct To Film DTF Inks

Direct to Film (DTF) printing ink – soft printed finished image texture, which flexible and stretchy. Compatible with printers with the Epson i3200 print head
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Affordable, premium DTF inks that deliver

DTF Ink (Direct to Film Textile Ink) for all modified desktop DTF Printers

Specially researched and developed to outperform on DTF printers with Epson i3200 printheads. An exceptional tried and tested DTF ink formula which creates bright, clean colours and stretchability for small or large scale production of promotional items.

The new generation of water-based ink to print film transfer, these DTF inks are heralding a new way of operating. This is an exciting new way of fabric decoration which does not require pre-treatment. Instead, once heat cured the graphic is ready for either instant use or for storage for when you are ready to use it.

What are the advantages of DTF ink?

This new printing technology is gaining a lot of prominence for a wide variety of reasons including:

It is ideal for workwear, particularly when used in combination with the special media and powder. This is because it doesn’t crack like traditional screen printing garment options and it has a soft, pliable, flexible texture due to the water-based in used. It can therefore be used for an extensive variety of garments including gym clothing, overalls, high vis garments and cycling kit.

What is the DTF process?

  1. Design – Create your design using your preferred choice of design software (i.e. photoshop, illustrator, etc.
  2. RIP – If you are printing white on top of colour you will need to use a RIP.
  3. Print – Print your design onto your choice of coated PET film.
  4. Apply – Apply powder adhesive evenly onto printed film. If using manually, shake off excess or if using a powder shaker follow unit instructions.
  5. Bake – Melt the adhesive onto the film using a heat press, oven or heated shaker unit. Ensure even heat through-out at a temperature of 160C.
  6. Press – Heat press your design onto the substrate. Applicable on cotton, polyester, leather, cardboard and other flat, rough and rigid materials.
These DTF inks are a reliable and economic alternative, while also creating finished transfers which are stretchable and durable with an incredible feel and vibrant colours.
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