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Floor graphics media and copper coated antimicrobial tinted films

Our speciality media offers practical, multi-purpose solutions for creating stunning signage and graphics for floors, walls and ceilings. Our ranges include copper antimicrobial tinted films which play an important role in reducing virus and bacteria transmission.

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Floor Graphic Media

A practical, multi-purpose solution for creating effective floor graphics, floor signage which can also be used on walls.
floor signage with speciality film
copper anti microbial film speciality media

Unusual situations call for speciality media

Recognising and responding to market demands has driven InkTec to start building a speciality media collection.

Initially centred on floor graphics but one that was thicker and a more resilient product than many others in the market place. This thicker, multi-purpose material is R12 slip-resistance certified (DIN-51130 by IFA). A particularly practical media it can be used for floor graphics and signage on various surfaces including carpet, rougher textures and even also applied to walls. It is easy to remove and it’s high print quality and excellent scratch-resistance requires no additional protective laminate. The added resilience is due to its unique combination of PVC and fabric combined with being thicker (at 450gsm) than standard floor graphic medias. It is ideal for retail and leisure environments, particularly for indoor applications or shorter-term outdoor use in dry situations.

Leading onto the copper anti-microbial film where coatings can play an important role in reducing bacterial transmission. With its inherent ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes relatively rapidly, these copper-alloy films are perfect for any frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, touchscreens, counters, public transport hand rails and power switches.

Speciality medias are driven by market demands

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