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The future is bright with dye sublimation inks

Our dye sublimation inks offer extensive versatility for the textile, retail and fashion industries. With features such as superior colour vibrancy and colour across a broad range of media. Superior large format printer inks for textile printing.

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SubliNova HI-LITE

Designed specifically to suit plotters equipped with DX5 and DX7.

SubliNova G7

Specially formulated to suit plotters equipped with DX7 printhead head. The key feature of SubliNova G7 is the inks outstanding printability.

SubliNova Smart

These inks have the ability to be used not only for direct printing onto fabrics without using heat transfer paper, but also traditional heat transfer printing on transfer paper.

SubliNova Sure

SubliNova Sure is based on a high black colour density ink formula to be efficient with low production costs.

SubliNova R-TS

SubliNova R-TS has been specially formulated to suit printers equipped with the Ricoh Gen5 printhead.

SubliNova SENS Ink

SubliNova Sensible Ink is a superior dye sublimation ink featuring InkTec’s unique dispersion technology.
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inktec dye sublimation ink sublinova hi lite

Dye Sublimation Inks are helping businesses push boundaries

Carefully researched and developed this range of dye sublimation inks is helping printing businesses expand the scope of what they can achieve. Whether that is for small or high volume promotional merchandise, promo wear, soft furnishings or personalised items.

Like all of our inks they offer outstanding printability through their superior colour gamut and light fastness. What’s more the inks exhibit an improved ink flow, which delivers even better stability for high speed production environments. Specially developed by InkTec’s dedicated in-house research and development team based in South Korea, using stringent quality controls. The range of inks are proven to be completely compatible with a myriad of the leading large format printing brands. These include Epson, Mutoh, Mimaki and Roland, plus some have the ability to be used with the Mimaki MBIS.

As these inks have been designed to provide the ultimate dye sublimation inks for specialist printers, many customers are using the inks to challenge the perceptions in the industry in terms of where and how items can be produced. For example, they are successfully printing in places that are apparently difficult to print or cannot be printed on such as underneath and on the handles of mugs and using a full bleed.

Dye sublimation inks that explode the scope of what can be achieved

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