DTF Print Solutions

Start your DTF journey with InkTec with a complete offering with everything required to get going with this innovative and new printing technology.

InkTec DTF Print Solutions include DTF Inks and DTF Media through to the efficient DTF Printer and DTF Powder Shaker.

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Direct To Film Printer

The ideal, neat DTF Printer makes creating transfer prints for promotional merchandise and more simple and easy to do. Available in a 60cm or 30cm option, it efficiently works with the Powder Shaker to create prints that transfers onto fabric or other substrates using a heat-press mechanism.

Direct To Film Powder Shaker

A compact DTF Powder Shaker which due to the format and technology is ideal for smaller environments, while delivering all the finish quality of the larger contemporaries on the market.

DTF Shaker
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Removing Film from T Shirt
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Join the DTF Print Revolution

Achieve premium-quality printing on fabrics and other substrates with DTF (Direct to Film) printing. DTF print involves printing a full colour design - including white - directly to film, applying a power adhesive then heat curing that adhesive to create a ready-to-press transfer. This can then be applied to another surface such as cotton, leather, nylon or cardboard.

The rapid rise of DTF printing has accelerated significantly, with many heralding it as the ultimate solution for producing a myriad of promotional materials. It’s appeal is easy to see, when you touch and feel the finished product while appreciating the increased intensity of colour it achieves. Not forgetting the stretchy and more flexible nature of the print, which is far superior to the traditional methods of ink application.

The possibilities of DTF printing are endless!

What is DTF Printing?

Direct to Film (DTF) is a process that transfers prints onto fabric or other substrates using a heat-press mechanism. Unlike the DTG (Direct to Garment) method, which only works on cotton fabrics, DTF can work on cotton and polyblends.

What do I need to get started with DTF Printing?

There are lots of different ways you can approach it, but the ideal kit as a starting point when you are entering into the DTF world the key essential equipment that you are likely to need is a Printer, Powder Shaker, Inks, Film, Powder and Heat Press. 

Then it is really up to your imagination of how you want to move forwards. Whether that is to focus on a few key pieces and designs and multi produce them or to create more of a bespoke produced to order range of promotional items. Either of which can be easily accommodated by the InkTec DTF print solutions.

Do I need a Powder Shaker for DTF Print?

The truth is – you don’t! However, if you’re DTF print requirement involves creating large volumes or a high quality finish we promise it will make your life easier.

The PET film powder or adhesion powder is applied after the graphic print is finished by the printer. At this stage the ink is still wet. The job of the PET film powder or in our case the Hot-Melt Powder is to adhere to any areas where the ink has been applied. Any unprinted areas will not attract the powder and can be easily shaken off.

The DTF powder can be applied by hand (this is typically how it is done when you are using a desktop printers) or via a powder shaker machine which is normally a wide format machine. This achieves a more accurate and even application of the powder to the printed graphic, adheres evenly to the ink and therefore the end results are superior to those achieved with more of a manual application.

What can I print on using the DTF print process?

DTF printing is suitable for almost any fabric material including cotton. It can even be used to print onto leather, nylon or cardboard. In fact any colour can also be printed on with DTF including black and dark coloured fabrics.

DTF print does not not require ‘weeding’ or the design contour cutting. This makes it so much easier and ensures the exact shape outline is transferred to the media. The printed design simply has powder applied to the surface, the powder is then cured and the print can be heat transferred to the product. As the printed design adheres to the garment via the cured adhesive powder. The PET film simply peels off to leave the printed design with no outline.

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