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Superior UV inks for roll-to-roll and hybrid printers

More than just being completely compatible with the leading Roll-to-Roll printers, these UV inks have great durability and excellent colour development for indoor and outdoor applications.

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UV Inks for Printers with Kyocera Heads

Perfect plug and play alternative for Mimaki LUS-170 inks for use with UCJV300 150/160 roll to roll printers, all inks are supplied in 1 litre bottles including chips.

UV Inks for LED UV Printers with Epson Printheads

The perfect plug and play alternative for LED UV ink for Epson printheads, particularly DX5, DX7, XP600 & I3200 with all inks are supplied in 1 litre bottles including chips.

UV Inks for Mimaki UCJV Printers

This is a superior, equivalent ink for Mimaki UCJV300-160 Roll-to-Roll printers. More than just being completely compatible; it has an improved, high density white which means it delivers less yellowing than the original inks.
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UV inks to meet the exacting demands of roll-to-roll printers

Vigorous and extensive testing by InkTec’s own in-house, dedicated research and development team has led to the creation of dynamic UV inks. As the industry is increasingly turning to UV for its eco benefits and economic advantages, these offer the ultimate alternative to OEM inks.

While many are still venturing into this arena, these compatible UV inks are already making significant impacts with both Mimaki UCJV300 roll-to-roll printers and UV LED roll-to-roll and hybrid printers using Epson Heads. In fact, for the Mimaki UCJV300 they are creating a superior, purer white compared to the more yellowing white typical of the original brand inks.

The overall impact, combined with the wider colour gamut, delivers a spectrum of bright, dense and vibrant colours on every print job. Easy to switch over, with a simple plug and play approach the inks deliver a superior quality at a fraction of the cost. Truly compatible the inks have completed several rounds of vigorous and extensive testing and as a result, they require no changes to the colour profile.

The practicalities of the ink include excellent media adhesion, superior printing stability and a faster cure. The result of which is that when printing it is far less tacky during the cure process. They are optimised to adhere to a vast range of media for both indoor and outdoor applications. The significant printing stability and UV resistance means the range is very versatile; working equally well with PVC, PET and back-lit substrates.

Recognising that these roll-to-roll printers are an integral part of the large format industry, we wanted to create alternative UV inks that were also an improvement on the existing. So, have worked hard to deliver purer colours to really add to the intensity of the colours overall.

UV inks that truly deliver for roll-to-roll printers

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