SubliNova Sure

SubliNova Sure Ink

SubliNova Sublimation Ink

SubliNova Sure is based on a high black colour density ink formula to be efficient with low production costs.

SubliNova Sure shows optimal printing stability and long lasting head performance and is formulated to be compatible with Epson TFP head. It maintains quality under the high speed option (360 x 720 dpi, 1 pass, 58.9 m2/h) of Epson SC-F7000. Sublinova Sure is ideal for the traditional heat transfer printing method.

Please contact us for MSDS information sheets for other colours.

Features & Benefits


Colours & Sizes

Colours Model name
1L pack 1L bottle
K (Black) - SEF-B01LHB
C (Cyan) - SEF-B01LC
M (Magenta) - SEF-B01LM
Y (Yellow) - SEF-B01LY
CS (Cleaning Solution) - SWA-B01L

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