New Ink


The Challenge

New Ink were finding that alongside their trusty latex printer, they were increasingly needing the abilities of a flatbed. In particular, they were seeking a printer to live up to their service levels of delivering high quality projects in rapid time.

The Next Steps

A few flatbed options were explored, however the JETRIX KX7-S repeatedly came out on top. With a fine art resolution of 1440 x 720 dpi, down to a production resolution of 1440 x 360dpi, the KX7-S met New Ink’s demands, while also achieving productivity speeds of up to 60sqm/hr.

However with a 2.5m x 3m flatbed the real question was where to put it?

The Outcome

With so much investment at stake, there needed to be some radical changes to New Ink’s current set-up in order to accommodate such a large format printer.

However, not to be daunted, a convenient shop just metres from their current premises, was identified. After some internal refurbishment and major external work to enable the printer to be manoeuvred in; the ideal location was found.

“The JETRIX does everything we need it to do. The key things for us were that they are clearly built to last, you have the ability to pause the machine mid job and you can print on media up to 100mm deep. This combined with the warranty and that the primer is already in the inks meant it was the perfect choice.”

Andy Kordowski, Large Format Manager