Roll Up Banner

Make all the branding difference with versatile, easy to set-up roll up banner solutions. Use as part of an exhibition stand while attending an event, or simply as some additional signage.

Little touches can make all the difference and that is why the corporate roll up banner proves so popular. Renowned for being easy to transport, they offer the ultimate opportunity to share a message, wherever required, in a cost-effective way. Conveniently housed in an integral unit, they are quickly assembled by simply adding the supporting pole, pulling the graphic up and attaching to the top.

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Smooth Roll Up Banner Matte

A premium polypropylene grey backed roll up banner exclusively from Natura for InkTec Europe.

Block Out Banner

An anti-scratch, silver back block out banner from Natura offering high rigidity. It features a 13.6 mil multi-layer bright white banner which creates a 100% block out.

Aqueous glossy coated polypropylene banner film

Aqueous glossy coated polypropylene banner film. It is a light weight PP block out synthetic paper with grey back and matte surface.

Polypropylene Banner

A polypropylene display film perfect for outdoor use which ensures there is no need to sacrifice quality when needing to produce a low cost banner.
roll up banner
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How to choose a Roll Up Banner?

Time to transform a space with a branded roll up banner? Then consider what you want it to do, how often it will be used and the frequency of taking it down and putting it back up.

Realistically the choices of mechanism and banner material vary, often reflected in the budget. While a cheaper version may be appealing, consideration needs to be given to its use. Balancing up with its weight for easy transportation, how long it may need to last or how long it may need stay in one place. Things to consider when choosing a roll up banner are the resilience of the actual unit and whether this will stand the test of time after frequent use and the actual media used. This is why at InkTec we prefer to offer a premium polypropylene material.

Some of the features of our roll up banner media:

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