Latex Ink for HP DJ L25500 Printers

These are a range of latex inks specifically designed and developed to work with HP Latex Printers. The quality ink delivers high performance combined with even greater image quality, highly accurate colour reproduction & superior print longevity. Specifically manufactured to the very highest of standards, they offer a wide gamut and intense colours, while being fully compatible with HP DJ L25500 printers.

The water based formulation is practically odourless and environmentally friendly while the use of our proprietary pigment dispersion gives these inks an exceptional print durability and media compatibility in both indoor and outdoor applications. This ultra premium pigment based ink is also able to operate alongside existing original ink offering a full mix and match option where there is no need to change the colour profile or flush the lines.

NOTE: These replacement cartridges are actually 775ml in volume

Please contact us for MSDS information sheets for other colours.

Features & Benefits

  • Mix and match, plug and play with existing inks
  • Easy to use with existing colour profiles
  • Fully compatible with original printer components
  • Excellent adhesion on a range of substrates
  • Superior indoor and outdoor longevity
  • Wide colour gamut and intense colours

Colours & Sizes


Model Name


1L Pack

1L Bottle

K (Black)

  • S-HP789BK-775
  • -
  • -

C (Cyan)

  • S-HP789C-775
  • -
  • -

M (Magenta)

  • S-HP789M-775
  • -
  • -

Y (Yellow)

  • S-HP789Y-775
  • -
  • -

LC (Light Cyan)

  • S-HP789LC-775
  • -
  • -

LM (Light Magenta)

  • S-HP789LM-775
  • -
  • -

Compatible Printers

For more information on compatible printers for our Latex Ink for HP DJ L25500 Printers range, please click on one of the highlighted logos below.

Compatible HP Printers

  • HP Design Jet L25500