Jetrix Inks

The clue is in our name…as we develop and manufacture InkTec inks for both the leading large format brand printers and also a range of specially created high quality inks for exclusive use in our portfolio of JETRIX printers.

Our research and development teams when manufacturing ink play careful and close attention to the printer head structures and the ink dispersing mechanisms. This is to make sure that any variables that can directly affect ink flow, become clogged or corroded or decrease jettability are removed. Additionally, they are also mindful that the condition of the media itself can greatly affect the printout quality and influence sharpness, penetration rates, dry speed, bleed and water resistance.

Therefore all these elements are analysed in detail during the research and development of our inks to ensure the ultimate high quality. Every manufactured ink batch goes through stringent checks at each stage and are objectively monitored for quality control. The results of this data is used for our COI (Certification of Inspection).

If you are looking for JETRIX inks for your printer, please contact your JETRIX reseller.

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