Screentec – JETRIX LXi6 Flatbed Printer


The Challenge

Back in 2010, Screentec looked at a JETRIX, but as they were a relative newcomer to the market decided to opt for a more well known brand. So, when they were on the look out again they wanted to re-visit the JETRIX printer series.

But to make sure this was the right printer for them, they really wanted to push the printer’s capabilities before committing.

The Next Steps

They used the demonstration and testing process to its fullest, challenging InkTec Europe to find a customer that was using as many different substrates as they frequently tackle. Particularly, as this can be up to 15 or more various materials in a 24-hour period.

This extensive and comprehensive testing certainly saw the printer being put through its paces.

The Outcome

The result of this whole process was that Screentec purchased not one, but two JETRIX LXi6 printers. Now the printers can be found producing pieces diverse as POS, splashbacks, spot UV varnish finish or working as a mix with initial digital print, followed by screen printing to add an extra dynamic such as bright gold.

“We are known for putting colour on almost anything! And that is exactly what these printers do. Some regular jobs such as printing on glass to then be backlit used to take 40 minutes, now this sort of project is taking just 9 minutes. In fact, a recent job printing on Corex, which we were proud to have managed to get down to 10 minutes; is now slashed to 2½ minutes with these new JETRIX printers.”

Darren James, Director, Screentec