Clear Window Film

Experience the enchanting interplay of light, graphics, and visibility with clear window film, a versatile medium that breathes life into any glass surface with your unique message or design.

Seamlessly blending unobtrusive views with reflective properties, our innovative clear window film not only transforms spaces but also simplifies application processes, eliminating the need for intricate cuts and promising swift transformations.

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PET Clear Films

High density polyester clear films designed to produce in depth resolution images ideally suited for screen printing and window graphic applications.

Silicone Adhesive Clear PET Film

Optically clear, reverse printable film with removable / repositionable silicone adhesive which is a perfect window film.

Self-Adhesive Clear Window Film

An ultra-clear polyester film for window décor with removable semi-tac glue which leaves no residue when removed.

Flat Dot Glossy Clear Film

A clear PVC film with specially developed air release Flat Dot adhesive for easy positioning and re-positioning.

Flat Dot Matte

White PVC film with air release Flat Dot adhesive for easy positioning. This media cleverly uses micro dots in the adhesive to create air channels to ensure easy application without bubbles.

The Adhesive Collection

An extensive range of films, banners and wall coverings available with a variety of adhesive options. Including permanent, semi-permanent, repositionable adhesives.
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Introducing Clear Window Film from InkTec

Combining the beauty of graphics with the clarity of a window, a clear window film is the perfect way to convey a message or decorate a space.

An ultra-clear or optically clear window film enables light to shine through intricate designs and add a new dynamic to glass. The unprinted area does not restrict the view, while working with the graphic and the light to enhance its presence. Ideal for any window areas, a clear window film works equally well on mirrors or other glass surfaces as any unprinted spaces on the window film continue to remain reflective. The advantage of which is that there is no need for complex shapes to be cut, which encourages a quick and fast application process.

When to use a clear window film?

The ideal situation to use a window film is for commercial or retail environments, POS, promotional advertising, interior design or even for adding a stylish privacy option for glass.

Consideration should be given to the ability to place, re-position and easily remove the film making it perfect for any environment which is looking to change, shift and frequently amend their glass decoration. However, for many films this does not impact those situations where it is imperative that the film is durable for longer periods of time either.

Features of our window films include:

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