UV Media

UV (ultraviolet) media supplied by InkTec a print and ink company founded in 2006 and based in Oxfordshire. Providing UV media services.

All the UV media that we produce is manufactured to the best quality, and alongside our custom built Jetrix digital printers means that your prints are of the best possible quality. Our UV inks are resistant to all forms of UV light meaning you will little to no fade when printing with our inks.

Our special formulated product ensures chemical compatibility and, as with all our inks, they are designed with you in mind so an easy switch over is guaranteed with no colour profile needed and often plug and play is possible! It can be applied to all UV media including pop-up banners, trade showprints and vehicle graphics.

An excellent example of this is our EcoNove IVY range that comes in a kaleidoscope of colour including: black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan and light magenta which are all manufactured to ensure any media at risk of UV fade or discolouration will not decline over the course of time.

Its features include:

  • Wide colour gamut and density
  • Longstanding durability
  • Easy switch over
  • No colour profile required with plug and play possible
  • No harmful chemicals and VOC’s

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