UV Flatbed Printer

UV Flatbed printers supplied by InkTec a print and ink company founded in 2006 and based in Oxfordshire. Providing UV print services.

InkTec are in the unique position of producing our own inks, which gives us an excellent advantage of manufactures of large flatbed printer(s) – as we are able to produce our own UV inks we can tailor our UV flatbed printer to best fit this ink giving you the best uv print possible.

Our Jetrix KX7 range includes three superb printers which are all industry leaders in time saving, high resolution printing. This range producesĀ a stunning colour spectrum, with built-in primer for super-strong adhesion which means you can print onto aANY material including class and metal.

Its features include:

  • Universal: True and robust Flatbed for the most demanding jobs
  • High Quality: 6 picoliter head nozzle for razor sharp edge-to-edge HD prints
  • Simple: Easy to use with a simple interface
  • Fast: 1024 nozzles for each colour delivering speeds of up to 60 sqm/hr (Production mode)
  • Intelligent: Smart 2 & 3 layer printing at the same time (Colour, White/ Colour, White, Colour/ etc.)
  • Protect: Automatic anti-head crash system protects from head damage during printing
  • Safe: Warning sounds and stop features for operator safety
  • Varnish: Spot UV Varnish for added value to your prints
  • Roll-to-Roll: Max 2.2m width roll to roll system (optional)
  • Efficient: Low running costs for maximum profitability