SubliNova SENS Ink

SubliNova Sensible Ink is a superior dye sublimation ink featuring InkTec’s unique dispersion technology. It delivers optimal printing stability alongside wide colour gamut and outstanding printability with great ink flow for long term use. Perfect for heavy use, while delivering quality outputs at affordable prices.

It is environmentally friendly; free from formaldehyde, VOCs, Alkylphenol and has RoHS compliance. Perfect to a wide variety of printers across the Mutoh, Mimaki and Roland range which have Epson DX4, DX5, 5113 or EPS3200 printheads.

These inks are also accredited with the prestigious Eco Passport by the Oeko-Tex® Association ([ECO PASSPORT] ECP SE150 172530_F).


Features & Benefits

  • Superior print quality and stability at high speed mode
  • Perfect for heavy use, while delivery quality output at an affordable price
  • Featuring InkTec's uniquely developed dispersion technology
  • Delivers long lasting head performance
  • Environmentally friendly: Free from formaldehyde, VOCs, Alkylphenol and compliance with RoHS

Colours & Sizes


Model Name

1L Pack

1L Bottle

K (Black)

  • -
  • SENS-B01LB

C (Cyan)

  • -
  • SENS-B01LC

M (Magenta)

  • -
  • SENS-B01LM

Y (Yellow)

  • -
  • SENS-B01LY

Compatible Printers

For more information on compatible printers for our SubliNova SENS Ink range, please click on one of the highlighted logos below.

Compatible Mimaki Printers

  • Mimaki JV4-130/ 160/ 180, JV22, JV33-160A

Compatible Mutoh Printers

  • RJ900/ 900C/ VJ-1204/ VJ-1304, Valuejet 1604/ 1614Pro(Aqua)-Available W/O card chip, Falcon RJ 8000 Series/ RJ8100

Compatible Roland Printers

  • FP 740/ FJ 740, hi-fi jet Pro II 540/ 640/ FJ500/ FJ600