Solvent Inks Mimaki JV5 Series

These solvent inks for Mimaki JV5 have been specially formulated for printers with Epson DX4, DX5 and DX6 print heads,  InkTec guarantee that our real solvent inks are 100% compatible. Offering wide colour gamut, high density, fast drying time and ink stability these inks provide optimised adhesion to a wide range of media, which can also withstand water and direct sunlight exposure.  They are therefore suitable for any kinds of outdoor applications such as advertisements, signage and banners.

Please contact us for MSDS information sheets for other colours.

Features & Benefits

  • Strong outdoor durability
  • Fast drying speed after printing
  • Long lasting head durability
  • Wide colour gamut
  • More productive than other inks on the market
  • Saves time and reduces cost for maintaining your printer
  • High quality and competitively priced (up to 60% cost saving against OEM ink)


  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Exhibits
  • Outdoor Signage
  • POP AD

Colours & Sizes


Model Name

440ml Cartridge

1L Pack

1L Bottle

2L Pack

K (Black)

  • NEHS2-0011B
  • NEHS-1001B
  • NEHS01-01LB

C (Cyan)

  • NEHS2-0012C
  • NEHS-1002C
  • NEHS02-01LC

M (Magenta)

  • NEHS2-0013M
  • NEHS-1003M
  • NEHS03-01LM

Y (Yellow)

  • NEHS2-0014Y
  • NEHS-1004Y
  • NEHS04-01LY

CS (Cleaning Solution)

  • ECS-0001
  • ECS01-01L


Compatible Printers

For more information on compatible printers for our Solvent Inks Mimaki JV5 Series range, please click on one of the highlighted logos below.

Compatible Mimaki Printers

  • Mimaki JV5-130S/160S/320S