Epson Piezo Head – Water Based Dye Ink

InkTec provides quality water based dye inks specially designed for various kinds of large format printers with the Epson piezo printer head, such as the Mimaki, Epson, Mutoh and Roland printers. With a very stable printing quality and jetting, they are capable of being used in variable printing conditions. Also, the inks are formulated to not cause ink bubble – one of the biggest weaknesses of water based ink.

Features & Benefits

  • High intensity colours with wide colour gamut
  • Strong head durability
  • Enhanced fade resistance
  • Excellent ink performance on various media

Colours & Sizes


Model Name

220ml Cartridge

1L Pack

1L Bottle

K (Black)

  • PLD-0001B
  • PLD01-01LB

C (Cyan)

  • PLD-0002C
  • -
  • PLD02-01LC

M (Magenta)

  • PLD-0003M
  • -
  • PLD03-01LM

Y (Yellow)

  • PLD-0004Y
  • -
  • PLD04-01LY

LC (Light Cyan)

  • PLD-0005LC
  • -
  • PLD05-01LLC

LM (Light Magenta)

  • PLD-0006LM
  • -
  • PLD06-01LLM

CS (Cleaning Solution)

  • PCS-0001
  • -
  • PCS01-01L


Compatible Printers

For more information on compatible printers for our Epson Piezo Head – Water Based Dye Ink range, please click on one of the highlighted logos below.

Compatible Mimaki Printers

  • Mimaki JV2-130/160/180 II
  • Mimaki JV4-130/160/180

Compatible Epson Printers

  • Epson Stylus 7000/9000/9500

Compatible Mutoh Printers

  • Mutoh Falcon RJ4100/RJ6100/RJ8000 Series
  • Mutoh Valuejet 1604/1614 Pro (Aqua)

Compatible Roland Printers

  • Roland Hi-Fi Jet Pro FJ400/FJ500/FJ600, Pro II 540/640
  • Roland FP 740/Cammjet CJ400/500