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The JETRIX RX3200 is a high precision concept, designed to deliver rapid speeds. The result is a printer that will produce jobs more efficiently and faster than ever before, offer you more applications and lower your operational costs. Read an independent review.


  • Fast: Head Channel with 16 heads delivers 222sqm/hr (production mode)
  • Dynamic: Standard 4 colour print in CMYK with optional 8 colour print in CMYKLC, LM, LY and LK
  • Precise: Resolution max 362 x 1440dpi and min 254 x 720 dpi
  • Clean: Automated head cleaning and capping system
  • Easy: Tailored winding system for heavy media
  • Quality: Curing system by Honle UV lamps


  • Size: 1740(D) x 6420(W) x 1820(H)
  • Speed: 222sqm (production mode)
  • Colours: Standard 4 colour CMYK, with optional 8 colour print

Flexible, tailored and timely are all attributes that at Ember Glass (DIY Splashbacks), we pride ourselves on.  This is why we have turned to a JETRIX printer to complete our offering, and we have not been disappointed with the service we have received, which means we too can continue to offer a terrific service to our customers

Ember Glass (DIY Spashbacks)