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The JETRIX RX3200 is a high precision concept, designed to deliver rapid speeds. The result is a printer that will produce jobs more efficiently and faster than ever before, offer you more applications and lower your operational costs. Read an independent review.


  • Fast: Head Channel with 16 heads delivers 222sqm/hr (production mode)
  • Dynamic: Standard 4 colour print in CMYK with optional 8 colour print in CMYKLC, LM, LY and LK
  • Precise: Resolution max 362 x 1440dpi and min 254 x 720 dpi
  • Clean: Automated head cleaning and capping system
  • Easy: Tailored winding system for heavy media
  • Quality: Curing system by Honle UV lamps


  • Size: 1740(D) x 6420(W) x 1820(H)
  • Speed: 222sqm (production mode)
  • Colours: Standard 4 colour CMYK, with optional 8 colour print

“We were so happy with the quality of JETRIX printers that we went on to have two more installed earlier this year, bringing our total to two JETRIX KX5s and three JETRIX KX3s. Setting up the printers was quick and easy with little disruption to our business, as the installation service package is great!”