Precision Printing

Precision printing supplied by InkTec a print and ink company founded in 2006 and based in Oxfordshire. Providing high quality precision printing services.

Ensuring your prints and printing solution is providing precision printing for your clients or projects is crucial for the continuing success of your business. All our Jetrix printers offer superb precision printing with unrivalled efficiency and speed. An example of Jetrix KX5 which will give you the perfect combination of superb printing quality and high productivity.

Its features include:

  • Sophisticated flatbed: Two different vacuum zones to ensure media completely flat
  • High quality: 6 picoliter high resolution Konica heads
  • Stunning detail: using JETRIX anti-banding technology (G-mask) for photorealistic printing
  • Efficient LED curing system: extended LED lamp life time of up to 20k hours
  • Reduced energy consumption: up to 35% less than compared with mercury lamp printer
  • Convenience functions: automatic cleaning, media measurement and anti-head crash systems
  • Simple to use: advanced user friendly GUI software featuring useful functions such as ‘Drag & Print’
  • Versatile: optional Roll-to-Roll system
  • Effective anti-static: optional system featuring ionising bar