Save costs with our new LED UV Curing Inks

FK LED UV Curing Inks

Are you facing rising costs? Maybe now is the time to really look at the alternatives.

If you have a Roll-to-Roll or Hybrid printer with Epson printheads or Kyocera printheads. then experience our UV LED Curing Inks.

Specially developed soft type ink, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications including signage, window graphics, posters and POS. Certified for ISO9001 Quality System Standard and ISO10041 Environmental Management System with no harmful chemicals.

Available in 1L bottles.

  • Fast cure
  • High production output
  • Bright, vibrant colours
  • Excellent printing stability with fast cure for high production output
  • Strong media adhesion and scratch durability
  • No harmful chemicals

All at competitive prices. Find out more>>

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