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Branded JETRIX Lorry

It would be wrong of us to assume, but we are conscious that some may know very little about InkTec, our heritage and everything that we do. We thought therefore we would take a moment to share just some of our roots, the journey the business has taken and how we now operate in Europe. Promise the history part will only be a potted version!

Where did InkTec all start?

We initially kicked off way back in 1992 in South Korea winning many awards and certifications for our ink products as we expanded along the way. Including being certified since 2003 for ISO14001 Environmental Management System amongst others as highlighted in our Insight into InkTec’s Quality Management. Jumping forwards to 2006 the European arm of the company was established in Witney, Oxfordshire in order to give closer support to our UK and Europe customers. This is where we established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of inkjet ink, JETRIX printers and media for the indoor and outdoor display and signage applications. JETRIX was established in 2008 and officially launched in the UK and across Europe in 2010 with now over 150 machines in the UK. While this is a little taster, if you want to know more dive into our headquarters website for a more detailed insight into our history.

Looking forwards where is InkTec going?

Unlike other manufacturers, who may outsource inks and related parts, InkTec’s Korean production plant is self-developed, using own technology and vast experience from formulating machines to automated packaging equipment. We are super proud of the fact that we research, develop and manufacture the majority of our products.

While our current priority in Europe is large format printing, our headquarters are steadily broadening our reach and expertise working on a number of innovative projects. This includes the exciting new arena of Printed Electronics. Simply put this the creation of transparent electronic ink with conductivity. It can be applied in various scenarios such as Touch Screen Panels, Display, PCB, EMI Shielding, Printed Memory, Solar Cell, Lighting, Sensor, RFID, Signage, and Bio. Let’s face it with Information Technology like it is and how rapidly it advances the opportunities are far reaching. If you are intrigued to know more there is a lot more information from InkTec Ltd here.

Let’s bring us back to us in InkTec Europe and in particular the UK

Nowadays if you visited us in Witney you would see the extent of our operation. From the double warehouse facilities, to the demonstration suite, engineers technology centre to the office and support areas. Building on our humble beginnings in 2006 we now operate across Europe daily picking, packing and shipping our extensive range of solvent, aqueous, latex inks and media. This includes manufacturing UV inks for other manufacturers such as Mimaki. The advances of digital LED UV printing means we now offer the very latest innovative technology through our series of JETRIX printers. These include the versatility of a variety of different scales of flatbeds and roll-to-roll printers. In fact, we now have a fleet of branded engineer’s vehicles and our very own JETRIX lorry to keep up with the number of installations.

As InkTec Ltd CEO, Kwang-Choon Chung says:

“Now, InkTec is poised to leap toward a new  future to achieve our vision of success, which is based on years of experience.”

InkTec Launch LXa5 at FESPA

FESPA – the global print expo – will see the European launch of the JETRIX LXa5 LED UV Flatbed Printer.

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