The latest super wide JETRIX is hitting the ground running

Thank you to Jon Telling, Sales Director at Perfect Colours for this  fabulous article on the JETRIX LXiR320:

With the speed and quality of wide-format print technology increasing year-on-year, how is the market developing for super wide-format printers (3.2m and above), and what is the USP of your systems in this area?”

Not too many years ago super wide printers were the reserve of the richest and largest print companies. Over the last 5 years or so, many smaller businesses have taken on super wide technology. The question is why? And what has changed? Firstly the technology has become more accessible as the purchase price has fallen, thanks in many ways to more manufacturers entering the market and secondly the need for businesses both large and medium size to invest in technology that helps their large format offering become more efficient and versatile.

There are few machines on the market that are more cost effective and versatile than the new JETRIX LXiR320. The recently launched LXiR320 is a 3.2 meter roll to roll printer from the Korean manufacturer that has obtained a great reputation in the market place for quality, service and value for money, thanks to the great success of their rigid media flatbed printers. The new roll to roll printer that was launched this month, boasts some interesting advantages over its competitors, such as the ability to print up to three rolls of media at once, unlike the dual roll offerings from its competitors. Media handling is also an asset, with most other machines quoting only 1mm media thickness printing capability against 5mm for the LXiR320. This newcomer is no slouch when it comes to speed and productivity either, results showed 90sqm an hour in production mode and 60 square meters an hour in quality mode, figures that would seriously embarrass some of its peers from other manufacturers. Unlike other offerings, this 3.2M JETRIX offer a six-colour configuration plus a white and can be ordered with a single of double heads.

So, what about quality? The print quality can only be described as stunning, showing vibrant colours and excellent fine detail. Jon Telling Sales Director at Perfect Colours comments, “Not only is the print quality excellent, the speed and versatility of the new JETRIX LXiR320, sets it apart from its competitors. The low running costs and purchase price makes this a serious consideration for businesses looking to print up to 3.2 meters wide and needing added versatility and productivity.” Telling continues “Considering the unit has only just launched, the level of interest has been fantastic as has the number of forward orders.” Shipments start in August 2018.