InkTec support winning team in endurance rally challenge

A British team supported by Inktec and JETRIX have taken on an endurance rally and won. They achieved top spot after 18 gruelling challenges across Europe. The car – a Lancia Delta – was deliberately re-created with the original style rally branding using InkTec inks and media and was also printed on a JETRIX printer.

The rally across Europe involved 2,700 miles, 6 mountain passes, 10 days, a 1 hour stop by the German police (they were innocent!) and 3 laps of the Nurburgring at 108% of the stated top speed. The uniqueness of the vehicle graphics (plus the noise of the car as in true rally style, there was much popping and banging as the throttle was let off!) meant the team got a great reception wherever they went.

It was a tightly fought contest, however the team won by 27 points. The final difference being just from one of the last few challenges, which meant they ended the competition in the lead.

As Adam Drury, one of the team members says, “It was quite a trip and the 32 year old car didn’t even breakdown once! After weather testing the sponsor logos, which had been printed by JETRIX, for a period of time, the ink hadn’t deteriorated and that is why were impressed and wanted to use them. Many thanks to InkTec for the support, the car looked tremendous and it made many people notice it.”

Image credit: Michael Wheeldon (