Vital Concept – JETRIX LXi8 Flatbed Printer


The Challenge

Vital Concept were looking to replace their existing JETRIX KX7 with a new flatbed. They were seeking greater speeds and the ability to print on a multitude of different media types with even better quality. While they took the time exploring various other large format printer brands with the help of Perfect Colours, they kept coming back to a JETRIX. Particularly, as their overall experience with their existing KX7 was that it was very effective at doing what they needed it to do. Plus, they had found the follow-up care and support by the JETRIX engineers fantastic; from being easy to get hold off, responsive and very approachable.

The Next Steps

After much research into what was available in the market, they opted for a JETRIX LXi8.

The biggest benefit being the speed of the printer combined with the lack of heat from the LED UV technology. Alongside it‘s production capabilities including its ability to integrate white and work with a variety of different media types.

The Outcome

Now after owning the JETRIX LXi8 for a few months they are finding that the capacity of the printer means they can offer a lot more. While about 60% of their production is board printing for the construction and exhibition trade, they are now working a lot more with exhibition designers, space designers and retail.

The biggest benefit being the speed of the printer combined with the lack of heat from the LED UV technology. Whereas much of their corrugated board jobs had to previously be taped down to avoid head crashing due to the heat, now because of the vacuum bed they simply don’t have to do this – saving time, money and media wastage. Equally they are actively increasing capacity to produce jobs involving glass, PVC, foam and corrugated board for a broad spectrum of POS and window display signage.  This has also enabled them to work more sustainability both with the materials they use, the minimising of wastage and the energy consumed producing jobs.

“The JETRIX LXi8 has taken everything to a completely new level. It is great to invest in a bit of kit like this and it actually lives up to the expectation. The printer just ploughs through the jobs and takes on whatever we throw at it. One minute it can be producing a construction hoarding and the next it might be tackling some glass signage.”

Ravi Patel, Managing Director