Then Print – SubliNova Smart


The Challenge

Then Print repeatedly found themselves challenging perceptions of what can be printed in terms of promotional items. This included printing in places that are apparently difficult to print or cannot be printed such as underneath and on handles and full bleed. They knew that in order to achieve more intricate printing their source products had to be of the highest quality. So they reached out to Ink Experts to source the very best materials in terms of sublimation inks, blanks and supplies.

The Next Steps

They were directed to InkTec’s SubliNova Smart dye sublimation ink. This was seen as ideal for their operation as the ink can be used not only for printing directly onto fabrics without using heat transfer paper, but also traditional heat transfer printing on transfer paper.

The Outcome

Since using InkTec’s inks, Then Print have found that they can have complete trust in what they are producing and importantly product returns due to ink problems have been eliminated.

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“To stay ahead in this busy market, we need to be actively pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved, while also responding to what our customers are looking for. We want to be creative, so we don’t want to be thinking about whether what we are using will work. This only comes from using good products and working with quality suppliers such as InkTec inks from Ink Experts.”

Simon Bannister, Managing Director, Then Print