Psycho Peacock – JETRIX LXiR320 Roll-to-Roll


The Challenge

Widely recognised for creating stand out large format graphics, Psycho Peacock ever-increasing volume and scale of jobs that they were working on drove the need for a new printer.

The Next Steps

Initial investigations explored many rival printer brands, but ultimately the JETRIX LXiR320 LED UV printer was a firm favourite due to it’s affordability, superb quality, reliability and speed.

The Outcome

As a result, the JETRIX LXiR320 printer was bought and installed within a few weeks and rapidly lived up to its expectations by producing the same level of jobs the previous kit had fulfilled and more!

“We’ve run the unit pretty much nonstop since it was installed and it hasn’t missed a beat, printing fantastic quality at great speeds. We’ve already run jobs on a variety of materials, including fabrics and backlit material – the results on back lit, I have to say, were stunning – as well as flag material and self-adhesive vinyl. On all substrates, the printer has shown vibrant results and the registration is really good and accurate.”

Simon Higginbottom, Managing Director, Psycho Peacock