Motion – JETRIX KX7 Flatbed


The Challenge

Retail and fashion printing requires the ultimate in detail & precision.  So when looking at large format printers, while many were looking at more traditional printer brands, Motion was seeking something different; something superior.

The Next Steps

Working closely with Perfect Colours , Motion conducted extensive research to test and review various printers,  before making a decision.

The Outcome

Initially, Motion were planning to only purchase a KX7. However, the quality difference was so significant, whereas previous plans were to support output from the JETRIX with the former printers, customers were visibly noticing the difference and preferring the definition. Sales were accelerating and the old kit needed to keep up and was not delivering the superior quality now expected. As a result a KX6 was also purchased.

"With both the JETRIX printers, we are now able to deliver the same consistent quality, where we use one for key production, while the other is available to print prototypes or take up the slack and tackle the additional, unexpected, quick turnaround jobs that come in. Plus, the after care service from the JETRIX engineers, means we know they are quick to respond and happy to work with us to figure out the more unusual print jobs."

Phil Highton, Managing Director